Help Your Child Form a Bond with Nature

You’ve probably heard the term nature-deficit disorder used a lot in recent years. While it’s not a medical diagnosis, it’s still a very real concern for many parents. When children are disconnected from the natural world, it can affect their growth and development in profound ways. Below are a few great activities for helping connect children with nature.

Image via Pexels

Having Fun in Your Own Backyard

Getting extra outdoor time can be as simple as opening up the back door and heading outside! And keep in mind that if you spruce up the backyard with projects like updating the landscaping, adding a sandbox, or putting up a jungle gym, such upgrades can boost your home value!

Outdoor Activities to Get Your Blood Pumping

To liven things up a bit, look into more adventurous activities the whole family can enjoy. This helps children establish more of a connection with nature but also has the added benefit of strengthening your bonds as a family.

Activities and Projects to Help Kids Learn

Even when we recognize the need to help our children establish a deeper connection with nature, we tend to see this pursuit as seasonal. However, with a little planning, you can keep the love of nature and the outdoors fresh all year round!

Most kids love playing outside when given the chance, but some may need a little encouragement. If your kids think playing outside is no fun, hopefully these resources can offer some inspiration for the entire family.

Guest article by Mary Shannon

Mary Shannon created, along with her husband, Bob, to have a website that allows seniors to meet up and talk about topics that are relevant to their daily lives. They hope to build SeniorsMeet into a supportive community of like-minded seniors.

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