Reducing Travel Stress

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Forget the Airport Bar – Reducing Travel Stress Starts Before You Reach the Terminal

It’s the one thing that can be found on virtually everybody’s bucket list: travel. But, traveling must be done right and with as little stress as possible in order for it to have its intended benefits.

The Matador Network, as well as countless other sources, tells us that travel has incredible mental and physical health benefits. But, the question is, what can we do on our own to reduce the stress that often seems inherent to travel?

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Even Before You Leave….

There is plenty you can do to ease the stress of traveling. The life-hack website I Live Up has some valuable advice for those looking to prepare for a trip that is as stress-free as possible. For one, consider whether travel insurance is worth the cost for you. This insurance can cover a number of issues from stolen or lost property to health costs while you are out-of-country. Health-related travel insurance is particularly necessary for those who are older.

Explorista urges travelers to take advantage of travel related apps and mobile boarding passes. This is true, but the best way to be truly stress free is to have a backup plan when possible, and this means also printing a physical form of your boarding pass before leaving for the airport.

When it comes to planning, lists are key. Lists pertaining to activities you will be engaging in during the trip are great, but even lists that detail what you should pack can reduce stress. As you pack, and then double check your suitcase, have the list of must-bring items in hand for comparison. This will help ensure that you don’t leave anything at home that you only remember as the plane takes off.

Lastly, make sure you secure your house before leaving. This means double or triple-checking doors, windows, and other locks, putting outdoor lights on timers, and alerting trustworthy neighbors that you will be leaving town so they can keep an eye on your home.

For Those Traveling with Kids

Security lines, flight-related anxiety, and the general uncertainty that comes with new, travel-related experiences can be stressful enough. Adding kids into the mix can, at times, make things nightmare-ish. Fortunately, experts have advice on those traveling with children. recommends several steps to take that will help keep the kids, and yourself, cooler and more collected while traveling. Their tips range from maintaining normal eating habits, to having entertainment on hand, to packing all necessary medications, and beyond. For parents, this is a must-read.

More General Travel Tips

Quick and Dirty Tips provides 29 ways that you can make your vacation or business trip as stress-free as possible. If you can wrangle time off from work to travel, therefore avoiding the weekend rush, this is the ideal time to use your vacation days.

They also advise dressing for comfort, packing extra batteries and chargers for your devices, arranging transportation at your destination to whatever extent possible, scheduling some relaxation activities (you can’t beat a good massage), and packing as little as possible.

The Peaceful Dumpling adds some must-bring items for any traveler. They include, but are not limited to, Ziploc bags, shawls or scarves, and ample purses/backpacks that have secure pockets for your wallet, passport, and other valuables.


Vacation is great, right? Well, yes. But certain aspects of travel – even if it’s for pleasure – can be anxiety-inducing. Much in life is out of our control, but for those who have traveled before, we know there are many aspects of the process that we can control, and doing so will minimize the stress associated with traveling. From packing to planning and securing your home, do whatever you can to make traveling as worry and stress-free as humanly possible.

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