Life Goals

Its that time of year when everyone has made and broken New Years resolutions. I prefer the concept of life goals and year goals.

I think its a good thing to have life goals no matter how realistic you think they may be, it means that those times when you need to make decisions you can focus. I look at “Life Goal” as a broad mission statement that require many actions – these action are your “Year Goals”

A few years ago I discovered a love for travel, so much that I genuinely reassessed my goals and my life goals are very simple now.

  1. Ensure my wife and son achieve their goals.
  2. Visit every country in the world.

These 2 life goals keep my life In check:

  • If I only had goal 1 I might not ever make decisions to do things for myself which might lead to unfulfillment.
  • If I only had goal 2 I may make decisions that damage my families future (such as quitting my job and blowing all our assets on a world cruise)

I now plan my year and set year goals to focus how I spend my time and money to ensure I work towards both life goals in equal measure and in the last 5 years have visited almost 30 countries as well as looking after my family, I feel very happy and fulfilled and have plenty more year goals to achieve.

Now I have this website I will blog in more detail my travel adventures.

Click here to see the countries I have visited and follow my progress